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The largest decrease in monthly streamflows will occur from March to May due to the decrease of rainfall and snow precipitation. It can be concluded that the water resources in the Serra da Estrela mountain basin will be very vulnerable to the predicted changes in precipitation and temperature. Please log in to get access to this content Log in Register for free. To get access to this content you need the following product:. Springer Professional "Technik" Online-Abonnement.

J Hydrol — CrossRef. Becker A Runoff processes in mountain headwater catchments: recent understanding and research challenges. Advances in global change research, vol Springer, Netherlands, pp — Beniston M, Stoffel M Assessing the impacts of climatic change on mountain water resources.

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Sci Total Environ — CrossRef. Technical University of Lisbon, Agronomy Institute, p Textos de las Jornadas, Mesa Redonda y Comunicaciones. ITGE, Madrid, pp — Hydrogeol J — CrossRef. Last check October Clim Change 81 suppl. PhD thesis, University of Porto. Cadernos Lab Xeol Laxe — Environ Earth Sci 62 6 — Geosci J 17 3 — CrossRef. J Hydrometeorol 3 5 — 2.


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ADGEO — J Hydrometeorol — CrossRef. Global Planet Change 61 3—4 — PLoS One 11 11 :e—e J Hydrol — Messerli B, Viviroli D, Weingartner R Mountains of the world: vulnerable water towers for the twenty-first century. Ambio Special Report — Santos e P. PhD thesis, University of Lisbon, p unpublished. In: Proc. Nature — CrossRef. Application of landmark morphometrics to skulls representing the orders of living mammals. Looking different: understanding diversity in facial form.

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The Evolution of modularity in the mammalian skull I: morphological integration patterns and magnitudes. Evol Biol. Paleontological and developmental evidence resolve the homology and dual embryonic origin of a mammalian skull bone, the interparietal. Cardini A, Polly PD. Larger mammals have longer faces because of size-related constraints on skull form. Nat Commun.


Mammalian skull heterochrony reveals modular evolution and a link between cranial development and brain size. Development of the upper lip: morphogenetic and molecular mechanisms. Dev Dyn. Tehiler K. The house mouse: atlas of embryonic development. New York: Springer; The development of the neural crest in the human. J Anat. Dev Biol. Front Physiol. Characterization of subtle brain abnormalities in a mouse model of hedgehog pathway antagonist-induced cleft lip and palate. Analysis of neural crest-derived clones reveals novel aspects of facial development.

Sci Adv. Mouse genetic models of cleft lip with or without cleft palate. The genetics of isolated orofacial clefts: From genotypes to subphenotypes.

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Oral Dis. Cleft lip and palate: Synthesizing genetic and environmental influences. Nat Rev Genet.

Expression of Wnt9b and activation of canonical Wnt signaling during midfacial morphogenesis in mice. Bmp signaling regulates a dose-dependent transcriptional program to control facial skeletal development. Induced Wnt5a expression perturbs embryonic outgrowth and intestinal elongation, but is well-tolerated in adult mice.

Information on EC 3.4.24.B10 - ADAM12 endopeptidase

Wnt5a-Ror-Dishevelled signaling constitutes a core developmental pathway that controls tissue morphogenesis. Bush JO, Jiang R. Palatogenesis: morphogenetic and molecular mechanisms of secondary palate development. Fibulin-5 deficiency causes developmental defect of premaxillary bone in mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Fibulin-5, an integrin-binding matricellular protein: its function in development and disease.

J Cell Commun Signal. Odd-skipped related 2 Osr2 encodes a key intrinsic regulator of secondary palate growth and morphogenesis. Bmpr1a signaling plays critical roles in palatal shelf growth and palatal bone formation. Tbx22 null mice have a submucous cleft palate due to reduced palatal bone formation and also display ankyloglossia and choanal atresia phenotypes.

Hum Mol Genet. Roles for Bmp4 and Cam1 in shaping the jaw: Evo-Devo and beyond. Annu Rev Genet. QTL and quantitative genetic analysis of beak morphology reveals patterns of standing genetic variation in an Estrildid finch.

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Mol Ecol. The molecular basis of osteoblast differentiation and activation. Novartis Found Symp. Komori T.

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Regulation of skeletal development by the Runx family of transcription factors. J Cell Biochem. Runx2: A master organizer of gene transcription in developing and maturing osteoblasts. Skeletal gene expression in the temporal region of the reptilian embryos: implications for the evolution of reptilian skull morphology. Runx2, A multifunctional transcription factor in skeletal development.

The correlated evolution of Runx2 tandem repeats, transcriptional activity, and facial length in Carnivora. Evol Dev. Runx2: of bone and stretch. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. RUNX2 repeat variation does not drive craniofacial diversity in marsupials. BMC Evol Biol.